Oliver and Samika by Jehanne-Marie Milne

Oliver and Sam 01

In January I had the privilege of gifting my brother and his girlfriend of seven years a relaxed photoshoot in the dense greenery of St. Ann’s. It’s been beautiful watching their relationship grow over the years, and it was an honour to finally have the opportunity to preserve some of their magic - (and quite frankly, some of their silliness!)

Oliver and Sam 02
Oliver and Sam 03
Oliver and Sam 04
Oliver and Sam 05

Sorry to break it to you guys - Oliver is not pregnant with anything other than breakfast!

Oliver and Sam 06
Oliver and Sam 07
Oliver and Sam 08
Oliver and Sam 09

Excuse the sheer look of panic on Oliver’s face, as Samika peers over the precarious edge of this bridge!

Oliver and Sam 10
Oliver and Sam 11
Oliver and Sam 12

I never thought I’d see the day, but Sam - a lover of dance - managed to get Oliver to sign up for weekly dance classes with her. I can attest, they’re both really good!

Can you tell that Sam loves dance, and Oliver loves Sam?

Oliver and Sam 13
Oliver and Sam 14
Oliver and Sam 15
SMALLER - Olla Sam-3.jpg
SMALLER - Olla Sam.jpg

Thank you once again, you two, for allowing me to photograph you. I am grateful to be a part of your story.

With love,

Velar Aspirations by Jehanne-Marie Milne

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